Google Wallet success

Last night I decided to try out Google Wallet. I ran into a 7-11 (that, and CVS are the only place I knew of that accepted Wallet) and purchased a bottle of water (with the $10 free with my Galaxy Nexus).


I get that little “Unsupported device.” message because my Galaxy Nexus is rooted.

Nevertheless, the transaction went off without a hitch. 7-11 is one of those “single tap” Google Wallet supporters, so I simply tapped my phone against the kiosk and the payment was sent. ($3.11 because I bought the largest Fiji water bottle; the money was free so might as well spend!).

It was awesome.


Google Wallet, accepted here

I was in Walgreens earlier that day and had noticed they had these new blue paypass looking plastic things on their pay kiosks. So I thought perhaps I should check to see where Google Wallet was accepted now. What a wonderful surprise:


Walgreens!! There are Walgreens everywhere in Chicago. The best part is, it is a SingleTap merchant. CVS/Pharmacy I knew about. But OfficeMax is great too. I hope they keep expanding!!

If you have a Sprint Nexus S or Sprint Galaxy Nexus, or an unlocked Sprint or Galaxy Nexus (GSM model), you can install Google Wallet on your phone and register your own Mastercard (or add money to your Google Wallet prepaid card).


2 thoughts on “Google Wallet success

  1. I thought you can only use Citi Mastercard not just any Mastercard. I also wish it was available more broadly since we have very few Milwaukee locations to use it. I’m sure they’re expanding fast though.

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