HSPA+ on the Galaxy Nexus

My wife was at the local Michael’s Crafts store shopping for crafty things (?). Anyway I was browsing the internet on my Galaxy Nexus and I noticed things were loading pretty fast. My phone was registering as getting HSPA+ (the “H” next to the signal bar, as opposed to ‘”3G”).

So I ran a speed test using Speedtest.net. Ah-mazing:


This is AT&T’s network at Village Crossing (where Niles, Skokie and Lincolnwood intersect). I should clarify that I am running on the stock radio (XXLA2), though occasionally I will run around with the North American radio UGKL1 or UGKK7. Try new radios here.

This test was done basically at the same time as when I took the picture of my dock (previous post). The upload speed is ridiculously slow, but of course I get different download/upload speeds at different places around Chicago.


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