Official Galaxy Nexus Dock

I had pre-ordered the official Galaxy Nexus dock (the one with POGO pins) from Expansys months ago, but they had no idea when it would be in stock. Then last week when I got an email that they were in stock and all I had to do was reply to verify I wanted it. Your other option is now the Play Store.



I have a GSM Galaxy Nexus, bought it from a local store (which got it from overseas). Any GSM Galaxy Nexus will work with this dock. The accessory comes with a car charger.

Quick thoughts:

POGO is a big deal, I love that the phone charges and audio is routed through the dock so I don’t have to connect wires to my phone each time. This is how the Nexus One dock was, and this is how the Nexus S should have been.

On the Galaxy Nexus, running the latest Android (4.04). Some problems I noticed:

  • it’s a bit of a pain to get the phone into the dock (too tight)
  • no automatic car dock software
  • limited motion of phone moving around
  • wires are accepted into the dock on the left side  – this seems like it was designed for cars with the steering wheel on the right side (European standard) – in the U.S. the steering wheel is obviously on the left, which means your wires will be coming up from your side and it’s a bit annoying
  • price ($54-60)

However, the Nexus One dock is still the best dock there ever was. It was $40, slipping the phone in and out was painless, yet the phone was secured well in the dock, wires went in from the passenger side. More importantly, throwing the phone into the dock would launch the Car Dock software.

Nevertheless I’m happy to have an official dock that can charge my phone when I’m driving.

On a side note: I’m very happy Google is getting back into selling hardware (Nexus phone and accessories, maybe a Nexus tablet, and more nexus devices in the near future?). I only wish I had known.. I would have waited to purchase my phone from Google officially, as I did my Nexus One. As with everything Google does, they do a poor job of sales, customer relations, and transparency of plans for their Nexus lines.


4 thoughts on “Official Galaxy Nexus Dock

  1. It does — from the back you can set how “tight” you want the swivel to be, I keep mine just a tad bit loose in case I want to swivel the phone onto its side.

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